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Tools and Assets FAQ

Q: What tools should you use to make a game?

A: Use any tools that will make devoloping your game easier.

It doesn't matter what tools you use to make your game, what matters is making it. If you have a particular game genre in mind, then find a toolset that is tailored for making that type of game. Don't be afraid to download a tool and try it out.

Q: If you don't know how to program, where do you start?

A: Learn the fundamentals of programming through school, online courses, websites, or YouTube. Then learn how to program using a Game Engine.

Google search for introductory tutorials and documentation on programming in a language of your choice. Search for guides or videos on how to program game mechanics or systems. Search for answers to questions in forums or Q&A hubs, it is very likely someone else has already asked them. If you can't find an answer to a question you have, then make a post about your question.

Q: Should you make a Game Engine to make my game?

A: No. Do not make a Game Engine. Make games using existing Game Engines.

A game engine is suite of development tools that makes game creation easier. Some engines are general-purpose, and provide a standard set of tools and functions to create any type of game. Other engines are more specialized and come equipped with tools to make games for a specific genre. If an engine lacks the functionality you need, you can extend its with plugins.

Q: When would you make your own Game Engine?

A: Only make a Game Engine if:

  • All the available engines and plugins aren’t suitable for making your game.
  • You want a specialized tool that you own and you plan on reusing it to make sequels or similar games.
  • You need to achieve a level of performance and optimization that can't be achieved by using the available engines.
  • You are adamant about avoiding royalties or subscriptions for the use of commercial engines.
  • You want to be a professional Engine Programmer.

Q: If you are using a general-purpose Game Engine, and don’t want to spend time programming key game systems, what should you do?

A: Purchase plugins for an engine from their respective marketplace or asset store.

You can purchase game systems, game templates, and tools. Many people work on extending the functionality of an engine to save others time and speed up the development process.

Q: Are there other ways to program a game without learning a programming language?

A: Yes, some engines use visual scripting systems to make it easier for designers and artists to program game logic.

You still need to learn the fundamentals of programming.

Q: If you want to make a game, but don't want to program it, what should you do?

A: Team up, hire, or contract programmers.

You can't make a game without programming it.

Q: If you don’t want to make the art for your game, what should you do?

A: Team up, hire, or contract an artist.

Or purchase art assets from digital marketplaces.

Q: Are there free tools and assets?

A: Yes, there are plenty of free tools and assets available to make video games.

Most game engines are free so you can start development right away. A lot of asset creation tools are free or offer free trials. There are also many websites that provide free assets for anyone to use.