Introductory Guides
Conceptualize a Video Game
Learn how to brainstorm a game idea and contain it in a Game Design Doc.
Tools and Assets FAQ
Answers to questions that novice game developers frequently ask.
Select a Toolkit
Learn about game creation tools and toolkit recommendations.
Form a Team
Learn how to recruit team members and effects of a team's composition.
Setup Version Control
Learn how to setup source control for your projects.
Start Production
Learn about standard production practices and techniques.
Participate in a Game Jam
Learn about Game Jams and where to participate in one.
The Computer Games Industry
Games Industry Market Overview
A breakdown of the markets and trends in the Games Industry.
Jobs in the Games Industry
Learn about the type of jobs in the Games Industry as well as how to improve your chances at starting a career.
Games Industry Work Culture
Get a better understanding of the work culture in the Games Industry.
Publisher QA Testing
Learn what it's like to work as a QA Tester for a Publisher.
Business and Marketing Guides
Making a Business Strategy
Learn about the common business models and strategies for video games.
Acquiring Funds
Learn about the avenues to acquire a publisher or funds for your games studio.
Enacting a Marketing Strategy
Learn about the common marketing strategies for video games.
Indie Business and Marketing Tactics
A list of tactics business and marketing for running a successful Indie Studio.
Building a YouTube Channel
Tips on how to build a Video Game focused YouTube channel.
Making a Successful Kickstarter
Tips on how to increase the likelihood that your Kickstarter Campaign will be a success.
The Strength of IPs and Brands
Discover the benefits of making games as an Intellectual Property built around your company's Brand.
Public Relations and Marketing
Learn how to get the most out of traditional Public Relations and Marketing.