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Setup Version Control

Benefits of Using Version Control

  • Lets you backup your work and keep a history of changes.
  • Allows multiple developers to collaborate on the same project.
  • Version Control Systems, such as Git, Plastic, and Perforce, are widely used among hobbyists, indie developers, and industry professionals.

Overview of a Version Control System (VCS)

  • A master copy of the project is hosted on a server. Other users copy it to their local machines, make changes, and commit changes back to the master copy.
  • When a user pushes changes to the master copy, other users can pull those changes to their local machines.
  • Users can also make branches of the project to isolate development, then merge the changes into the master branch.

Git and Git Hosting Platform

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Version Control Repo Hosts

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Setup and Usage

Git Large File Storage

Installing Git Large File Storage

Branching Best Practices

Git GUI Clients

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  • Git GUIs also included in IDEs and Text Editors, such as Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code.

Other Version Control Systems

Plastic SCM

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  • Easier branch management than Git.
  • Includes robust GUI Client.
  • Additional features for handling art assets, and to make it easier for artists to use version control.
  • Free Cloud Hosting for Up to 3 Users. Free Trials and Subscriptions available for larger teams.

Perforce Helix Core

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  • AAA Games Industry standard for Version Control.
  • Excellent at handing large codebases and high quality art assets.
  • Includes robust GUI Client.
  • Free for up to 5 Users. Larger Teams require a license.

Perforce Hosting

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  • Free Trials and Subscriptions available for Cloud Hosting.