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Acquiring Funds

Self-Fund it

Work a Full-Time Job and use your savings to fund the project.

Crowdfund it

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Apply for Grants

Local Government Grants

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Partner with a Publisher or Investor

Work with a Publisher or Investor to pay you to finish the game in exchange for a cut of the revenue or equity in the studio.

Research Publishers and Investors

  • Find a publisher that publishes games with a similar genre and/or art style as the game you are making.
  • Your game should align with the publisher's portfolio.

Make a Pitch Deck

  • Make your Pitch clear, concise, detailed, and marketable.
  • Show a working prototype, a solid concept, concise design descriptions, and captivating screenshots or videos.
  • Introduce the team, their roles, and experience. Instill confidence that you are a successful team.
  • State a release window, what you need from the publisher / investor, and a breakdown on how the money will be spent.
  • If possible, show your community's growth overtime to convey that there is an interested audience.
  • If possible, state a realistic revenue target and the potential Return on Investment for investors.

You have 5 seconds to impress a publisher. The two most important things

  • Concept art, gif, screenshots, trailer.
  • Snippet of what the game is about.

If the publisher is not impressed, or the game does not align with their catalogue of games they publish, you will get rejected.

If you make it past the initial impression, they will look into the studio / team background. If your team is capable, they will likely negotiate a deal.

  • Prior shipped project / completed work.

Dont be the idea guy and just ask for money to make a prototype with no prior background.

Pitch Your Game

  • Contact the Publisher / Investor via Email or Web Form and submit your Pitch.


Full List of Publishers

Full List of Funding Options