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Game Engine Recommendations

General-Purpose Engines (2D and 3D)

Unity Logo Unreal Logo Godot Logo Cocos Logo Defold Logo

General-Purpose Engines (2D Only)

Game Maker Studio 2 Logo Construct 3 Logo GDevelop Logo Stencyl Logo Phaser Logo

General-Purpose Frameworks (2D and 3D)

Monogame Logo FNA Logo Logo

General-Purpose Frameworks (2D Only)

Love2D Logo HaxeFlixel Logo

Visual Novel

RenPy Logo Visual Novel Maker Logo

Role Playing Game (RPG)

RPG Maker Logo

Real Time Strategy (RTS)

Spring RTS Logo

Point and Click Adventure

Visionaire Logo Adventure Game Studio Logo

Interactive Fiction

Twine Logo Ink Logo Squiffy Logo

Text Adventure

Quest Logo Inform Logo Adrift Logo

2D Art Tool Recommendations

Image Creation Suite

Adobe Photoshop Logo Affinity Photo Logo Gimp Logo

Digital Painting

Clip Studio Paint Logo Sketchbook Logo Krita Logo

Graphic Art

Adobe Illustrator Logo Affinity Designer Logo Inkscape Logo

Pixel Art

Promotion NG Logo Aseprite Logo Tiled Logo

2D Animation

Spine Logo Dragonbones Logo

UI Tools

Adobe XD Logo Sketch Logo Figma Logo

3D Art Tool Recommendations

3D Creation Suite

Blender Logo Maya Logo Zbrush Logo

Texturing and Materials

Substance Painter Logo Quixel Mixer Logo Armorpaint Logo

Terrain Generation

World Creator Logo E-onSoftware VUE Logo World Machine Logo

Character Creation

Reallusion Character Creator Logo Daz3D Logo


Qubicle Logo Magicavoxel Logo Voxelshop Logo

3D Asset Manager

Kraken Logo Mudstack Logo

Audio Tool Recommendations

Digital Audio Workstation

Ableton Logo Avid Pro Tools Logo Presonus Studio One Logo

Music Tracker

Deflemask Logo Renoise Logo

Audio Recording and Editing

Audacity Logo Ocenaudio Logo

Sound Effects Generator

Jfxr Logo Chiptone Logo Leshy Lab Logo

Video Tool Recommendations

Screen Capture and Broadcasting

OBS Studios Logo Streamlabs Logo Elgato Logo

Video Editing

Adobe Premiere Logo Davinci Resolve Logo


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Full List of 3D Art Tools

Full List of Audio Tools

Full List of Video Tools